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Skyview Powered Parachute Flight Center

Sport Pilot Training

The Class

Skyview Training Center is now happy to add to the already successful training programs an Accelerated Sport Pilot Powered Parachute Course. The purpose and advantage of the accelerated course is to offer the opportunity for the student to get safely in the air in the shortest time.

The Course is scheduled over a 12-day period that will cover both Ground and Flight Instruction necessary to obtain a Sport Pilot Certificate for the Powered Parachute. The classes are held Monday thru Saturday for two consecutive weeks.

All Instructors are Certified Flight Instructors with your safety as the highest priority. Instructor to student ratio is one to one to insure the best quality instruction for each student. The course will consist of both Ground and Flight Instruction of the highest quality. A typical Training day will consist of a morning flight, ground school then an afternoon- evening flight. Followed by a post training day debriefing.

Ground Instruction will consist of but is not limited to:
Introduction of the Powered Parachute Preflight and Ground Operations
History of the Powered Parachute Trailering
PPC Pilot Eligibility Requirements Weather
Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) Preflight Checklists
Use of Checklists Certificates and Documents
Situational Awareness Taxiing
Stress Management Wing Inspection
Medical Factors Line Tangles and Twists
Aerodynamics of Flight Preparing for Takeoff
Wing Pressurization Packing the Wing
Forces in Flight Basic Flight Maneuvers
Stability Flight Controls
Angle of Attack Gliding
Stalls Wing Trim
Components and Systems Takeoffs and Departures
Airframe Laying out the Wing
Wings Wing Inflation and Kiting
Power Plants Centering the Wing
Gear Boxes Normal and Crosswind Takeoffs
Propeller Airspace Classification
Approaches and Landings Emergency Situations
Cross Country Flights Sectionals
Airport Operations Aircraft Performance
Air Density Aircraft Limitations
Radio Procedures Traffic Patterns
Ground Reference Maneuvers  

Ground Instruction will be conducted with the material provided by the Flight Center, approved by the FAA, to help ensure the successful passing of the FAA written test. Some of the material provided by the Flight Center will be:
Powered Parachute Handbook FAA 8083-29
Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (Chapters 2, 10, 11) FAA 8081-25
Practical Test Standard FAA 8081-31
2009 FAR/AIM  
ASA Test Prep for Sport Pilot  
Wichita Sectional  
Airport/Facility Directory  
CP-1LX Plotter  
Pilot Logbook  

Students are encouraged, but not required to bring along a laptop computer, as a lot of material can be downloaded for instruction. Internet access is available in the classroom to assist with your learning.

Some study Material will be sent to the student upon receipt of their deposit to allow the student to do some studying prior to arrival for the course. This may facilitate a first day Flight.

Flight Instruction

All aircraft used by Skyview Flight Center comply with regulations set by the FAA for use in Instruction. All Aircraft are equipped with dual controls to insure the safety of the student and the Instructor. Aircraft are equipped with radios and GPS. Students and Instructors will have intercom equipment for communication during both dual and solo flights. The Flight Instruction will meet or exceed the minimum requirements set by the FAA at 10 hours dual and 2 hours solo. Flight Instruction will also include at least 1 hour of cross-country dual and a solo cross-country. All FAA requirements will be met before any endorsement is granted to take a check ride. Each student will have a different learning curve and no student will be allowed to solo unless the instructor feels it can be done safely regardless of the number of dual hours.

The Cost

The cost of the accelerated course is $4,250.00 and includes the following:

Ground Instruction to include books and prep ware necessary to pass the test
Flight Instruction
Use of Aircraft under supervisor of Instructor
All Fuel and oil for Operation
Cost of FAA written test (taken at a near by airport)
Cost of Check Ride with Examiner
All endorsements needed for training
A minimum of 10 hours dual flight instruction and 2 hours solo flight time


Payment & Refund Policy:

Payment of a $1,000.00 deposit is required to hold your position it the class. The balance of $2,995.00 is due 3 weeks prior to your scheduled class. Your FULL payment is required to be received no later than 3 weeks prior to your class. If this is not done we will fill your position in the class with the next student. Your deposit is forfeit if you fail to contact us at least 3 weeks in advance of your scheduled class. We will reschedule you for a future class if you so desire. If you fail to follow the above procedure on the second scheduled class you will forfeit all monies paid to Sky View Powered Parachute Flight Center.

Eligibility: Must be 18 years old and possess a valid Drivers License. Must be able to read, write, and speak English.

Meet Us...

Morris Yoder

SkyView’s lead Instructor and Examiner is Morris Yoder. Morris has been involved in the Sport Pilot program from the beginning. He has received and given training to members of the FAA in Oklahoma City. He was one of the first to receive the Sport Pilot Certification for Powered Parachute. He currently has logged over one thousand hours in a Powered Parachute. Morris is a Private Pilot and has also has received numerous awards from the Aviation Industry. He is one of the few Instructors to be able to conduct night training in a Powered Parachute. He is a current CFI, DPE, and DPIE, Private Pilot PPC-L, LSR/repairman & maintenance rating.

Tom Angell

Welcome to the sport! After just one flight I am sure you will be hooked. It’s my task to see it is done safely. I say task, because for me it’s not a job. In the last ten years I have taught Motorcycle safety to many students. From this enjoyment I have chosen to also teach Powered Parachute students. I still enjoy seeing the “light bulb” coming on when all of the sudden the student “gets it”. I’m here to see that you get the best instruction, at your pace to your satisfaction.

I am one of the lucky retired citizens that first started enjoying powered parachutes after being introduced to the sport by a friend in 2002. After a few hours in the air, with our lead instructor Morris, I was hooked and before you know it I had my own machine. Next was the rating of Basic Flight Instructor under the exemption program. From there I went to Sport Pilot, then with in one year to Certified Flight Instructor.

I look forward to having the opportunity to get you safely in the air, with the confidence to continue the sport and enjoy the freedom of flight.

Tony Duncan

As the newest member of the Instructional Team, I have had the pleasure of learning to fly powered parachutes from the two Instructors that I now instruct with. I can honestly say that your safety will be the most important issue. I look forward to spending quality time teaching the finer points of the Sport Pilot program. In the last twenty years I have been an Instructor in the Fire Service and Private sector, instructing Rescue and Extrication techniques. I currently am an Instructor for Hutchinson Community College in the Motorcycle Safety program.

I am a Certified Rotax Technician, and hold a Repairman Inspector Certificate for PPC. Some of my experience is in building and repairing all types of light aircraft. I enjoy flying and sharing experiences with my students as well as helping to instill the required curriculum to all that want to learn. We look forward to spending time with you in the most enjoyable sport I have found.


Skyview Powered Parachute Flight Center is located 3 miles west of South Hutchinson on US Highway 50. The Flight Center is located in G airspace (the least restrictive airspace) and is a private airpark. This allows for your instruction to be conducted in a controlled area where conflict with other aircraft is at a minimum. This allows for a safe learning environment. The flight park consists of two 2500 feet long grass runways capable of supporting fixed wing aircraft and a large square area for practice and wing layout. In the area are several private and public airports. Wichita Airport is located 45 miles from the Flight Center for those who choose to fly in for the course. Transportation form Wichita to the Airpark can be arranged. There are several motels within 8 miles of the center and many restaurants. For those who wish, Morris has opened up part of the Airpark for those who have a camper. He allows dry camping only, however there is a dump station within 3 miles. Some of the attractions in the area are the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, (Largest collection of space artifacts outside the Smithsonian including APOLLO 13) and the Kansas Underground Salt Museum (660 ft. underground).

Calendar of Classes for 2009

May 11th – 23rd , 2009
July 13th – 25th , 2009
August 10th – 22nd , 2009
September 7th – 19th , 2009

To secure your class dates sooner please call us for current availability of class openings. Morris Yoder can be reached at 620-662-5507 or 620-727-7991.

Please mail a signed copy of this form and your deposit payment to:

Skyview Powered Parachute Flight Center
Morris Yoder
3612 S. Mohawk Road
Hutchinson, KS. 67501